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(Hannover, Germany)

The city of Hannover can be found in the Lower Saxony area of Niedersachsen in Germany and is the capital of this province. With a population of more than 525,000 and an appealing location alongside the Leine River, Hannover boasts an array of cultural attractions.

Around 150 km / 96 miles to the north of Hannover you will find Hamburg, which can be reached by car in less then two hours. Also nearby is the city of Berlin, approximately 280 km / 170 miles away, with a journey time of less than three hours. Nearer to home, Langenhagan is situated to the north, close to Hannover Airport (HAJ), while Hemmingen, Pattensen and Ronnenberg all lie to the south.

Hannover Airport (HAJ) Maps: Important City Districts

Hannover's train station, known locally as the 'Hauptbahnhof', can be found on the north-eastern side of the city. Just a short walk away is the city centre, where you will find an enormous pedestrianised area, based around both Bahnhofstrasse and Georgstrasse.

The main shopping district in Hannover is located around the Passerelle strip, which runs just below the Bahnhofstrasse and is lined with shops and local stores, together with a number of eateries. However, the best selection of restaurants in Hannover can be found around Marktkirche, where a number of traditional venues serve local food at reasonable prices.

Further areas of interest around the city of Hannover include the Herrenhauser Gardens on the north-western outskirts, and the trade fairground of Messegelande, in the south-western region. The tourist information centre (Hannover Tourismus Service) is located at Ernst-August-Platz 2, on the northern side of the train station.

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